Ganapathy colony

NaPoWriMo Day 2:

Writing prompt – Favorite street/road/location

April 2, 2020

Zephyrs of nostalgia zip in zealously…

Ganapathy Colony,

a conglomerate of camaraderie

equidistant from Tambaram East post office and Sanatorium station in Chennai

engulfed by bougainvilleas purple, magenta and crimson

breathing aromas of Vathal kuzhambu

and vadaams

and bubbles of filter coffee accompanying newspapers of morn

in half-idyllic serenity

where I grew up enchanted in

the divinity of Ganesha temple,

digging abysses of wisdom.

The inception of “Ms. Brindha?” –

I replied subdued yet melting in that moment of euphoric anticipation

over a post card addressed to me,

a sense of pride like the elegance of a queen,

torso in accomplishment.

I was a metaphor of metaphorical poetry

in shades of horizon.

My maternal home still reverberates

resonance of those years of rhapsody

in slithering soothing melodies,

milkman dropping dollops

guffaws of gatherings


caw-caw-caw…. of crows

Coconut trees

and myriad minds embroidered in unspoken symphony,

the colony of buzzing bees

in serendipity lingers…



Copyrights @ Brindha Vinodh

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