Mrs. and Mr.Z

Incorporated 20 poetic tasks. Partly inspired by “The frog and the nightingale” by Vikram Seth.

Mrs. Z was a nightingale,

her mellifluous melodies the air whiffed,

Did I say “She was a nightingale?”

I made a folly for her cacophony echoed as a nightmare.

Each moment of night heard her sing,

the breath of her song the moon smelled,

Poor Mr. Z sat rapt in silence of a stupor,

Occasionally, did say, “Your voice is extraordinarily sweet today.”

He had no other choice

for he slithered in unease between the vibrato of her voice

gazing at her puerile lips,

her petulant hands folded, as if holding a mike.

He admired her for her impeccable heart,

latently demure in the cocoon of her melody,

her eyes sparkling amidst the infinite stars of her night,

as she continued the rhapsody of her unassumed jeopardy.

Entered Ms. Brin(dha), their neighbour once

as an uninvited intruder,

“I am sorry, I am getting ready for my concert,” said Mrs. Z

and Ms. Brin left with a grin, suppressing her countenance.

The credulous nightingale of “ Maruthi Nilayam

—-home of Mr. and Mrs.Z tasted the toasts

of Mrs. Z’s songs in aches of panacea,

Nalla iruku,” she heard them say in heartfelt rhythms of ecstasy.

Hakuna Matata?” she asked Mr. Z that night…

he saw her embroidered yellow “kurti” and nodded “Yes”

in succinct complacency he felt for her pristine soul

and one fine night, to appease her, he said, “your autograph please.”


Maruthi Nilayam – House of Lord Hanuman,

In this case used as the name of Mrs. and Mr.Z’s house address

Nalla iruku – It’s good in Tamil, a vernacular language of India

Hakuna Matata – a Swahili language term in East Africa meaning no worries

Kurti – worn as a top for pants or pant-like bottoms

April 5, 2020

Copyrights @Brindha Vinodh

NaPoWriMo Day 5

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