Comedy during Corona:

TSL prompt:April 24, 2020
Challenged to write a humorous pun intended poem with spoonerism and malapropism.

Example of spoonerism- The lord is a shoving leopard instead of the lord is a loving shepherd.

Example of malapropism-arrested two auspicious persons instead of suspicious persons.

The Phasebook announce meant
asks to rite humorous Poe tree.
Led me tr…
In this thyme of corona
hush..bands are trying

to cook and bun ning the foolkas,

and ba king bread ash hard

as a rock…and they think
they actually rock

like a lord.

Dosas are knot in circular shape

butt in the shape of different corntinents.

One went and made a marrot cilk(carrot milk)

Another ried fries(fried rice)

and it tasted sweet not

but very spicy and hot.

Another went to make a sorn coup(corn soup)

and it tasted as bad as the smell of his shoe.

Hush bands think they are expert in coup king. do? What’s up and

Fiercebook are not working

bcoz of pore Internet.

This virus is tee ching everyone

a lesion.

And poor wives heave to put

up width the hush bands

and kidzz…

Day are asking

Yum my food

for d tum my, mum me.

Fed up of doe ing all

doe mess tic chores.

Eye really hope

dis corona farts from

us all.

Let us all prey.

Deer Mukherjee maa dam,

hope eye mad you laugh.

Copyrights @Brindha Vinodh

Take 2 – Ms. Bribe:

TSL prompt: A sarcastic and pun intended poem with a tinge of humor
April 24, 2020

Ms. Bribe was a lustrous lady
with a beaming body
who entertained and enticed
her customers sometimes (over)priced
including members of the apex body
who fell for her glamorous hues gaudy.

She gave them crunchy chips
and smiled with lustrous li(s)ps,
spoke sweet as honeysuckle honey
and got back phon(e)y money.
Gave back some pleasing Perk
and offered her skin silky and milky
milking the process as smooth as Dairy Milk
and no reviews of Five Star rating.. were s(ly)ilent like dating.

Tring…ring.. Tring, the phone rang
as if with a gong its tone sang,
she whispered in a local slang
and called them in person, the threesome gang.

She demanded a gold ring
and so did they bring
she hid it in her blue blouse
to take it back to her humongous house.

Her customers offered her gifts precious
and she returned favorable favors as if gracious
all polished like her own nail polish
with extra shines of embellish
until one day Mr. Sincere not since here
known for removing Miscellaneous sins’ attire
paid (no cash)a sudden visit to the cabin of Ms. Bribe
whose features he did not imbibe or inscribe.

Countered a countenance of grin
from Ms. Bribe’s chin
who thought she would always win
smiling in winsome sin
much to Mr.Sincere’s (cha)grin.
She was finally offered a chain
of handcuffs that put her in pain
but smiled a sly smile
that stretched for a mile
for she had a twin
Mr. Bribe who would help her win
the case with ease
by pleasing the jury again with appease.
Mr. Sincere screamed, “No vicious circle please.”

P.S.I am not bribing here the jury
Don’t stare at me with a furious fury.😜

Copyrights @Brindha Vinodh

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