Written expressions

The quills were the pioneers
to print history through pages.
Then poured the ink from the
fountain and ballpoint pens
that expressed emotions;
dreams were chased and
destinies determined for many.

Love letters and answers to
questions; powerful questions to which
answers were sought
that saw empires
crumble like cookies;
hues of indigo winked predominantly
from initial ink, followed by
black, red, green, and pink.
The colors had different roles,
like characters in a play.

Pen and paper complemented well,
like bread and butter. Keyboards
were aliens; earth was still beautiful
when calligraphy danced
from sharp strokes and
emojis winked from ink.

Copyrights @Brindha Vinodh

Talk to me

Talk to me.

Your words make an impact
like the wind that whispers-
gentle yet profound.

There is an innocence in your syllables
like a child’s cascade chuckle
flowing from your beetroot tongue.

There is some honey in them, too,
the bees were distracted, perhaps.

Talk to me
Talk to me
my love
for your words are my cup of tea
on a lonely day
when it rains on an empty road
none there.

When you don’t talk
I will be that purple rose
that has wilted- devoid of water.

I will be the sun in the night-

Talk to me
simply because we are humans.

Copyrights @Brindha Vinodh