The floral garden of my heart

Day Eleven

NaPoWriMo-Day 11
Language of flowers:

Today’s prompt is based on the language of flowers where each flower signifies a quality.

The floral garden of my heart:

Water lilies wink at Periwinkle,
enchanted memories begin to wrinkle.

Pomegranate flowers flooded with elegance
munificently seek Lotus’ magniloquence.

Imperial lilies bow to Bell Flowers white,
nondescript shades of Zephyrs glimmer bright;

amidst the garden of my Honeysuckle heart,
fragrance of fervors white Jasmines perpetually impart.

Glossary (In the order of their occurrence):
Water Lily- Purity and modesty
Periwinkle- Pleasures of memory
Pomegranate Flower- Mature elegance
Lotus- Eloquence
Imperial Lily- Majestic
White Bell Flower- Gratitude
Zephyr- Expectation/Hope
Honeysuckle- Generous and devoted affection
White Jasmine- Amiable

Copyrights @Brindha Vinodh

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