TSL Napowrimo prompt
Day 16
Use words/titles fromSufjan Steven’s album

The blue sea bemoans
wet from its own tears
Obnoxious of human fever,
hoggish in avarice.

Mother Earth weeps
from the red desert of sanguine abyss
her green shades spilled red
the Agathon of humanity lost?

Copyrights @Brindha Vinodh

Take – 2: The Wedding

“The Glorious You,” he proclaimed as if entrenching in Afterworld Alliance
on that big fat day
exchanging wedding ring like a king.

Secretly his dad whispered
in timid condescendence,
“Do you know what it takes to get married?”

The son nodded in the negative
only to listen like a palinode,
his father’s word(s)
whose guile lips murmured,
“It’s like you begin with Ataraxia as is the customary
Captain Praxis tradition
and you spin and lose your axis
to end up in miserable Misology.”
“What is the analogy?”
asks the son in impeccable innocence of ignorance.

“Now that you begin to climb that mountain of marriage
in the grandeur of its carriage,
you will end up losing your Eudaimonia
and within days end up in Insomnia.”

The son feeling jittery murmurs,
“Why do you push me into that Red Desert then?”

“Marriage is beautiful beautiful beyond Disinheritance.
You look for mirage in that Red Desert
but it’s a labyrinth of maze
that never fails to amaze.”

The son innocuous and meticulous
with alacrity gears up to face
the determined outcome to plunge
into the eternal deluge
of the marathon of marriage
with Agathon.

Copyrights @Brindha Vinodh

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