The cell phone:

Tumbling I wake up to the jangling metallic sound
of the morning alarm from my phone,
pushing my body like an acrobatic gymnast.

To the era of technology’s techniques I hone
brewing coffee with the fragrance of morning messages,
rhythmic ringtones welcoming the day with Onamatopoeiac chimes.

The whispers of my handbag secrets it captures
like a puppeteer holding me captive,
a slave have I become to the will of the master?

A call and I connect to my loved ones near and far,
the world, indeed, becomes a ‘global village’
on par
yet cases of cybercrime claim it to be a bane than a boon.

An inevitable invader of modern era,
the cellphone has intruded like a double-edged knife,
and the goodness of it I make use in my life.

Copyrights @Brindha Vinodh

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