The journey of a girl:

“You are one of the top three State toppers. How do you feel. What are your plans for college?”, a question thrown to a girl called Amudha, a first generation learner from a family whose father is a tea plucker. A hundred miles and more from Nilgiris district in Tamilnadu, India, a tiny village of Cherana crisscrossing the scenic beauty of

Mudumalai mountain ranges, Amudha has fought all odds to emerge a winner.

“I am the first in my family to read and write.
My parents initially were reluctant but upon the advice of panchayat head they understood the importance of education.
He then started ignoring all meaningless cacophony of gossip mongers and let me focus on my education.
I am extremely grateful to panchayat head and his family who let me study in their house just a day prior to my Maths exam when
‘a strong gust of wind blew away the candle’
in my house.”
When my father requested the Panchayat head to let me study from the power of their inverter, they readily agreed. If not for them, I would not have got a full score in Maths.
The gust of wind blew away my candle but not my hopes. Where there is a will, there is a way.
As far my future plans, I am yet to get suggestions from my teachers.”

An applause of claps ensues from the press.

Amudha is all submerged in happy tears.

Copyrights @Brindha Vinodh

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