A Weird Dream

I meander through hair-pin curves

of posh lush greenery with strangers

in oblivious adventures of lurking dangers.

It’s spring yet traces of smog smear

but a hundred roses beckon me to behold—

Yellow, crimson, violet, red and pink;

they wink with the pride of a princess

with subtle drops of dew teasing,

“Touch me if you can.”

And then it’s adieu time

to those strange-looking strangers,

one looking like a clown wearing a gown.

When back home, it’s Diwali time

where I am awaited with benign belligerence?

Yeah….that’s how paradoxical my family peers

for they want me to make some sweets

and I end up making triangle-shaped ladoos,

I say I have invented something new.

I am complimented with ebullient exuberance

and it’s celebration time with fire crackers soft and hard

that garland the azure sky merrily mesmerizing.

Buzzzzzzz..the alarm beeps

Only to wake up to yet another beautiful morn,

I can’t wait to narrate to my family my most weird dream.


April 4, 2020

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