God’s garden


Ekphrastic review: “The garden of earthly delights”
by Heironymous Bosch. First person point of view as me the narrator as God, The Creator.

The exotic world unfolds
amid unclasping of my experiments,
new creatures of creations unwind
as a silhouette to those gigantic mountains,
as if they eavesdrop,
unique in the bliss of
the advent of “God’s own country”
“The gardens of earthly delight”
By my dream child, Bosch.

The Eden garden , yes, I am God and
Bosch is my dream child etching
the future of history,
so far peaceful without any follies,
creatures with tusks- elephants,
towering legs of giraffes with long necks,
dainty deers and humongous hippos,
birds swarming through the azure unpolluted sky,
none can fly like them in future,
animals with horns,
unicorns drinking water pristine.

Apes gape on grey elephants,
bears and lemurs
gaze gorilla-like creatures with grimace,
they lack the grace that I have planned
for my creations
called mankind,
plants have been planted,
seeds of growth implanted,
air and water abundantly created.
Archaeopteryx and
beautiful birds of myriad shades
welcomed into the world of wonders.

Bosch will incarnate many centuries later
in a country called “The Netherlands”
(I haven’t created any boundaries)
as a painter par excellence of times Renaissance,
for right now I have sketched
two figures, similar yet dissimilar
with an extra sense called the common sense
with different physiological features,
Adam and Eve.

I welcome Adam and Eve, my most prestigious, priceless, pristine
petal-like delicate creatures
into this paradise of harmony.

April 6, 2020

Copyrights @ Brindha Vinodh

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