A Moon again?

Earth Has
Acquired a Brand New Moon That’s About the Size of a Car
Rhyme scheme: abad

“From all the injustice Mother Earth bleeds,
her new possession, an asteroid of mini-moon
from the news feeds
sparkles her with gleam.”

“What does that mean?”
asks a little girl, with whetted eyes,
her curiosity ever before unseen,
“Another moon to Earth?”

“2020 CD 3, swerving in orbit
circles nearly every fifty days,
a scientist’s prying gambit”
says the glad dad, elated elegance explicated.

“Shimmering, sparkling, scintillating,
glamorous, glinting, gleaming,
Invincible, intriguing, invigorating
fastidious, fantabulous, fascinating,

Our own moon, will the new moon
wane and wax? “ asks the little girl.
“Scientists will find out soon,
an-asteroid moon of telescope,

tell-tale scope, wait and watch.”
“Our moon is a moon is a moon
no glimpse or notch of catch
can beat its eternity.

Scientist I will become to explore.“
“Unvanquished by ephemeral counterparts,
the moon glitters in grace galore’”
wraps up the dauntless, deciphering dad.

Copyrights @Brindha Vinodh
NaPoWriMo Day 7

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