A lost friend

NaPoWriMo Day 8

Day Eight
Romantic Poetry Bot@PercyBots- beneath the shore
mary ruefle bot@ ruefle.exe-all my life i have tried
sometimes the whiff of bodies burning

all my life I have tried

to hold you in my breath

memories of you and I pervade through the boundless sky;

the coffee is tasteless

the coffee shop lifeless without your jokes.

I never knew nostalgia could be so harsh…

why do days of our togetherness still flash

as if we were lovers of lust?

Remember the day we were reprimanded for
Our undone assignment?

We caressed that moment

Outside the class…

curtains opened from blindfolded doldrums.

I wonder if this world is a global village


all my life i have tried

beneath the shore

beyond the unseen horizon

sometimes between the whiff of bodies burning

to smell you.

If only the sun and the moon could

eavesdrop on my whispers,

come and behold me


all my life I have tried

to hold you in my breath.

Copyrights @Brindha Vinodh

Take 2 – The birth of a poem (sonnet)

A poem is like a baby in a womb
little words all spelling out desire
like buds waiting to blossom and bloom
awaiting similes to smile from sparks that inspire.

Metered words wait to be meted out
into the cradle that welcomes creative abyss,
words clash to win the battle of doubt
from the paradise of a paragon’s bliss.

Imagery invites imaginations beyond yonder
verses reverse in oscillations of a roller coaster
swinging songs to betray like an oleander
swerving and swaying to fade away like an impostor.

Finally, articulated, from the nadir they rise-
coherent poetry- a Phoenix of surprise.

Copyrights @Brindha Vinodh

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