The blue butterfly

I am challenged to write a poem on blue

butterfly 🦋 taking 5 things/concepts/words

from Robert Frost’s “Blue butterfly day”

The words I have used are:

Spring, wind, flower, sky flakes, flurry, mire,


Perched on that green leaf
like droplets drizzling over
parched lips,
a metaphor of her own
the blue butterfly
heralds spring
through democratic wings,
no worry, no hurry
or fluttering furry
of these half-baked human
sky flakes
burning in the fire of ire
in unassuming mire,
in the cacophonous wheels of time;
in an exotic state of euphoria
of her own waltzing
in embroidery through
the breeze
that for a moment
I wish I were that flower
whiffing her fragrance
but wait
why only a moment?
Wishes don’t have boundaries,
let me wish for more.

Copyrights @Brindha Vinodh

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