A conversation among three friends:

Napowrimo Day 19, challenge-2

In this challenge, I am asked to write a poem

Where three characters, the Cheshire Cat from

“Alice in Wonderland”, the Hamlin rat from Pied piper of Hamlin and raven from Edgar Allen Poe’s

“The Raven” converse during corona virus time

using the refrain- “The answer is blow in’ in the wind”.

Ms. Chesire cat aka Ms. C 

Mr. Hamlin rat aka Mr. R you see

and Ms. Raven of the corvid clan

aka Ms. Rav during this time of COVID plan

in a place called Nevermore

and let’s see what happens furthermore.

Ms. C says, “Come let’s hug”

amidst the z.z.z.z of an eavesdropping bug.

Ms. Rav says, “But can we?”

Interrupts Mr. R with a glee,

“No social distancing for us

coz of this corona virus

and together they sing in chorus 

“The answer is blowin’ in the wind.”

That’s their new song

composed by Mr. R that they sing with a bong

and by the way as per Geneva Convention

cats no more eat rats as is the general convention

and so, Mr. R has no tension 

of Ms. C just to mention.

Ms. Rav says, “Did this originate from Mr. Bat,

our acquaintance who in the party sat

the other day sneezing and sneering

when all others were happily cheering.”

Ms. C says “That’s exactly my concern, friend

as they sing, “The answer is blowin’ in the wind.”

Mr. R says, “Shall we find a solution

to this virus and create a revolution?”

“But how?” Ms. C interrupts with a grin

“Your grin is just going to help us win,”

says Mr. R and Ms. Rav nods

as they both begin to applaud

the magical power of Ms. C, the power invisible

that has the ability to beat the virus invincible. 

Ms. Rav says, “Don’t you remember the magic of the grin

you inherited from your great granny, Ms. Thin 

that has the special power to make 

bugs and viruses to sleep from which they can’t wake.”

Mr. R says, “Use that grin and become invisible

and reappear and become visible

and then that spoiled brat, Mr. Bat

will mind his own business,” listens Ms. C rapt

as together in hopes pinned

they sing, “The answer is blowin’ in the wind.”

“Gradually, cases of COVID will come down

and that will be the talk of the town,” 

caws Ms. Rav and Mr. R says   

 “Yeah…Our friend Ms. C will cure it in days

with her magical grin and invisibility as per plan

and this time we can help the human clan

for poor guys they deserve a second chance”

as together again they merrily sing and dance,

“Decode our power, Oh! Human friend,

the answer is blowin’ in the wind.”

copyrights@ Brindha Vinodh.

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