An ode to my readers

An ode of 4 lines in each stanza.
Rhyme scheme:ABAB

Today, I am challenged to write an ode to my readers.

Napowrimo Day 20

Like elixirs, you silhouette my verses
beyond mortality of this short life,
rhyme or cascades of free verses
penned with vibrant effervescences of a new wife.

A Spring of flowers ascend
through dazzling rays of golden sunshine
when the Autumn heart withered begins to descend
like a cocooned patient in quarantine.

I am no Wordsworth, Eliot or Keats
with oodles of amassed readers
but like an athlete in this game of heats,
I run through captivating claps of you cheerleaders.

Copyrights @ Brindha Vinodh

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