Napowrimo Day 21

April 21, 2020

TSL prompt: Today I am challenged to write
Words taken from Joy Harpo’s “Eagle” poem :

I have chosen the words
Kindness, sun, moon and beauty.

Kindness has a language of its own,
may we inscribe its inscriptions
before it fades into obsolete oblivion.

Like the sun, moon and stars infinite,
pristine Prayers
pervade upon the beauty of our lives,
may we use the power of prayers to bestow
peace upon Earth.

Prayer is the ultimate
rendition of intimate emotion,
may we all pray
for a better tomorrow
burying beneath today’s sorrow.

Prayers are priceless,
may we value it preciousness
and pray for the togetherness of humanity?

Copyrights @Brindha Vinodh

Take 2 – My Prayers:

TSL prompt:
Day 21
April 21, 2020
Words used from source poem:
Sun, kindness, beauty, wings.

In subdued whispers
the sun ushers in a new day
as I pray with folded hands
unfolding my wishes for
a new beginning
melting all agonies
in divine ambience.

The heart
confides ,
confesses and
converges into one communion,
the entity of God.

Those butterflies in
my garden inspire
me to unclasp
my wings,
I unwind
all afflictions
and nurture
the beauty
of kindness from
as prayers
amidst routine
for I believe
prayers don’t
have barriers,
they pervade
through my daily tides
of time
until the moon
peeps and I descend
to sleep.

Copyrights @Brindha Vinodh

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