The flower seller:

Andadhi form of Tamizh literature where the last word of penultimate sentence becomes the first word of the new sentence.
TSL prompt: April 28, 2020

Her tender hands knitting tendrils of JASMINE
JASMINE flowers fragrant with scented fervors unique
UNIQUE as the scent of a baby known only to MOTHER
MOTHER-to-be this girl pregnant with a protruding stomach
STOMACH as big as a whole pumpkin white
WHITE and pure like the moon this young GIRL
GIRL probably as young around years EIGHTEEN
EIGHTEEN the number of her colored BANGLES
BANGLES on each hand – green, pink, blue and RED
RED also the color of vermilion smeared on her FOREHEAD
FOREHEAD sweating from humidity of a hot DAY
DAY sinking and sweltering from the subdued advent of early EVENING
EVENING the time when her flowers mostly SELL
SELL as fast as Express trains lest they become STALE
STALE as her very own untold TALE
TALE awaiting wings of FREEDOM
FREEDOM from that caged CIRCLE
CIRCLE vicious and vicious circle of poverty.

Copyrights @Brindha Vinodh

Take 2 – To my Mother:

An advance gift for Mother’s Day
April 28, 2020

Like a true mother she bled to feed me
me the child of my mother
mother of three including me
me who writes poetry because of her
her resonance of benign words
words sharp yet subtle that cajole me.

Me whose verses find avenues
avenues in turn that reflect my verses
verses, free verses versus rhymed ones
ones that speak out my heart
heartfelt hugs to her
her sacrifices humongous as the Himalayas.

Himalayas actually belittled of their height;
height of divinity her presence
presence of her an exhilarating experience.
Experience as a metaphor her life
life still teaching values and virtues
virtues speak of her life.

Copyrights @Brindha Vinodh

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