Absence of childhood

Napowrimo Day-29
TSL prompt: Absence of something

Gusty winds are blowing here
carrying me away to that old world
of silence;
bitten all these years by the rat race of time in its own pace,
nibbling away the child in me through what is called the sanity of this world.
I, like Kalpana of Nissim Ezekiel’s
“For Kalpana,” was thin but strong
enough to cycle (natural work-out) through roads teasing pedestrians with honks,
whiffing along fragrance of coral jasmines
that have disappeared into cemented
Rains were great tantalizers
teasing me often to drench;
those twilight get-togethers with
friends playing over the horizon
have melted as dollops of ice cream.

The moon still glitters,
the sun rises,
stars twinkle
and the earth rotates
but no more through the window panes
of an innocent child.

Copyrights @Brindha Vinodh

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