Lights, Camera, action:

Based on fb prompt.

“What is the shot,” asked Raj, a hero among the masses.
The assistant director explained to him
his shot with the punch line :
“There are two types of cuts. One cuts you sharp like a sword”
It will heal in due course.
Another pierces and cuts you with a harsh word.
It leaves you with a scar. “
“Okay, let’s go for the take” Raj said.

“Lights, camera, action.”
Take-1 .
Dialogue completed.


“Sir, can we go for one more take?”
Raj nodded and another take was completed.
This time to very much to the satisfaction of the director.

He was getting ready for his next shot when a journalist approached him hesitantly.

Raj called him closer, signaling through his hands.
The journalist finally went near him and said,
“Sir, your PRO said you agreed for a short interview during this shoot.”

Raj nodded and said, “Go ahead but make it short and precise.”
The journalist nodded and started his mini interview.
On his third question, the journalist asked,
“You are one of the few actors known to go for lesser takes. What do you think about it sir?”

Raj: In my initial years, I did go for a couple of takes. So many cuts. You know each cut taught me to perform better. I evolved myself as an actor.
But the first cut is the deepest.”

Copyrights @ Brindha Vinodh

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